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While a pair of quail, or shuang an, is a homophone for "peace and prosperity" in Chinese.

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We do communicate in English, understand German (Sorry we can't help you in Polish, Russian, Italian, Spanish or French This site was started up as a Danish site - with pages dedicated to sale, but also with information about dating Danish porcelain and a lot of images dived after themes like porcelain dogs, horses or the production of a special artist - part of the pages will be in English and with a little guidance and careful reading, you will be able to use even the Danish features.

Additional features of the auction involve a massive pair of huanghuali, a valuable wood in China, hat chests with fine inlay decoration of 17th-18th century, and a rare gold and silver inlaid double-fowl vase originating from Ming dynasty (1368-1644).

The event is one of the four auctions held by Bonhams for Asia Week New York on March 18-20, the others including a sale of Indian, Himalayan and Southeast Asian Art and a sale of Fine Japanese and Korean Art.

The bowls bear underglaze-blue marks of six Chinese characters, saying it was made during the reign of Yongzheng emperor (1678-1735).

Chrysanthemums symbolize autumn in ancient China, as the flower blossoms braving cold weather, thus symbolizing fortitude and longevity.

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