Dating ariane walkthrough hot tub

Scene 28: Ask her if shes ever had sex in a hot tub. Follow Scenes 1-23 At Scene 24: Ask to go into the hot tub. Scene 26: Play truth or dare Scene 27: select truth, and say No. Scene 2: Compliment her eyes, by clicking on her eyes. start taking snapshots of her and always click on her head after taking the photo, you will eventually get her naked and posing in the car for the "held open" shot. you can also fuck her on the back seat of the jeep.Next you visit one of three other locations, which might trigger a special scene.Finally, you return to the PC’s apartment and have sex with Maddison. Scene 14: Select The Desert, let her eat, then pick the car. Scene 23: They will play, then when you have to choose one, go for ariane. Scene 28: Ask her if shes ever had sex in a hot tub. Someone mentioned a boat, getting some in the Jeep, ect.

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Despite being the ‘final cut’ there are still several bugs and numerous typos.Note: These walkthroughs have been tested with the Renpy download version which you can get here.Walkthroughs 6 to 24 start where walkthroughs 1 to 5 leave off. Scene 17: Agree to go to the club with rebecca and ariane. Scene 27: Get it on : P There are other ways to get to this point, but im tryign to find other sex situations, if people want more I will post them. Scene 32: Massage her lower back, then grab her butt, then massage her thighs. I found following it to step 30 was fine I'm just going to repost them so to make it easier to follow: Scene 1: Tell her a joke by clicking the book. Scene 5: Kiss her While Dancing Scene 6: Ask to go to one of the other rooms, by clicking near the cabinet in the background. (easy, get her to drink a few glasses of wine first) head for lookout point after stopping for gas. Scene 15: To get the Kimono Dress, click the rack 9 item, and rack 11 item. Let her try on outfits, and click the red one when she tells you to choose. Scene 20: Cut in when they are dancing, dance with ariane. Scene 24, when she asks to go somewhere else, select the bedroom, then watch her take a shower. Scene 26: Strip naked and wait for her in the bedroom. I kinda found hotshot's guide open to interpretation, no matter how many times I tried. enjoy yeah, to get her to give you a blowjob, take her out for a drive mking sure you are the driver.

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