Dating an aussie kaywoodie dating

In gynocentric countries like Australia, men suffer what is known as “dating inequality”.

As any Aussie man will tell you, women have the upper hand when it comes to dating.

Because women want equality, except when it comes to dating.

Women still expect men to approach them and make all the moves.

A shy woman is normally no issue to a man, while a shy man is normally seen as unattractive to most women. Perhaps this may be true for the top 10% of men that rarely get rejected.

As a consequence, the online world allows women to truly exercise their hypergamous nature.

When you ask women why the man should do the approaching, they respond with various excuses.

Some examples are “I’m a traditional woman” or “I’m too shy” or “I’m afraid of rejection”.

Women know that they hold a lot of power over men when it comes to sex and dating.

This power is so great, that even many self proclaimed anti-feminist women won’t even give it up for equality.

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