Dating a pre op transwoman

Most of my family is fairly conservative, but as much as I disagree with them, I don't think ready to chance them disowning me over who I was dating, which I think could be a possibility in such a scenario.

I'd hope that if it developed into something serious I could find it in myself to tel them the truth and ask them to accept it or fuck off, but I honestly don't is very big of you to think about that.

I would probably feel like I had to lie to my family about her, at least at first.

Not hide her from them or anything, but just not let them know that she was trans.

We're both pretty sedate...fairly religious, non-partying, introverted, non-deviant.:-( I am planning my "down surgery" for next summer and since I have been single for 2 and 1/2 years, I am worried I may never be able to date again.I want to honest with someone I date, but when should I tell them?You may have a lot of people write you off initially, but they probably would have done that anyway.You've got a small demographic you appeal to, honestly.

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