Dating a nice shy guy

Not for the wrong reasons but for all the right ones. When you are with his friends, he is always looking to get you involved in the group conversation.Bottom line is, this special shy man has your back and that’s magical. The last thing he wants is for you to feel left out.

When he shows an interest in you for you, what you love and like, this shy guy is telling you he wants your attention and that only means good things. However, if this man is following you on Facebook or Twitter, or better yet commenting on your posts, then you know this shy man is into you. If his friends are whispering when you walk by or playfully teasing you, that’s a good thing.

He will also likely have your work schedule memorized.

When a guy “really” likes you, shy or otherwise, he’s going to remember all the little details that might not matter to anybody else. Maybe you can’t stand the smell of olives in the grocery store? A shy guy that remembers the little things that really do matter to you, is telling you straight up he’s got the hots for you. Maybe your shy man likes to stay behind the scenes but if someone is making fun of you, he just might take this personal and take offence.

Is he having issues with his cup or glass around you?

What you need to do is look at this positively and with an open mind. Let him do his thing and try and add a little humor to it to take the edge off.

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