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I couldn't be with someone who considered their past addiction to be of them because honestly and probably assholeishly, I find those people really wearing to be around.I also don't want a partner who can't/doesn't have an occasional drink. And the strength that we both have to get us through that (separately, we met after we got clean) is immense and I appreciate every day we have together.My ex-husband was a crack addict while we were married - and he got clean.And the more I see saying "yes" or "maybe", the more I'm gonna gtfo. My brother died in November from a heroin overdose. It's nice that not only have you never been more in love, but that you can share that love with him.Seeing the pain my SIL has gone through first from supporting him through it and then from his death, I just don't think I could consciously put myself in that position. Addicts (even recovering users) get stigmatized so heavily and it stinks to think that they could just get written off all the time.If you had asked me this 5 years ago, I would've said absolutely not. My sister kept this a secret for over a year, it was a big deal for her to tell me. She is still too nervous to tell my parents because they will be heartbroken about his past. Did you worry about the residual effects of drug use?My main fear would be mood swings, temper issues, and other behavioral problems. Ask Women: A subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about their thoughts, lives, and experiences; providing a place where all women can comfortably and candidly share their responses in a non-judgmental space.

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He taught me that it takes a very special person to be with an addict. But if recovery isn’t anywhere in their near future, I would stay away.But I can't cope with addicts I'm skeptical of any addict that refers to him/her self as a "former" addict rather than a "recovering" addict, because "former" to me implies that you no longer feel you have to keep working at your sobriety -- and sobriety is (as it should be) a lifelong journey. I know a lot of addicts -- both current and recovering -- and none of them have been particularly stellar partners to their respective significant others.Maybe it's an unfair prejudice, but I'd go into a situation like that This is very, very situational--which drug, why they were addicted, and when/how they quit matter.They will bring chaos and destruction to your life.Sometimes it’s worth it, but it’s important to realize when it no longer is.

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