Dating a controlling married man

Because your relationship may be temporary, it’s also important to focus on building a future that makes you happy, with or without the man you love.

Tip: You can’t demand that your boyfriend give you what you want.

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Your mood and confidence should be at its best during this stressful time.

Reconnecting with your good friends, close family members, and in enjoyable activities (without him) is a sure booster.

I have identified two tracks that need to be maintained in order to be your best self during this process that in turn will bring anxiety down and confidence up. You will end up stuffing your feelings and needs until you become resentful.

This situation has a chance of succeeding if you remain the person he fell in love with, the more confident ("concerned" but not anxious) you! When you have a plan and have identified your limits you have created a "Then what! Your relationship anxiety can sabotage the good that is there if you always try to be a "good girl (or boy)" and keep your needs to yourself.

You may be holding back from growing in your career, avoiding moving, or signing a longer-term lease because you wait for his next move.

As a result, the waiting triggers anxiety as you feel "stuck" and ruminate over "How is this going to work out?

The energy required of you starts taking a toll and decreasing your natural coping skills.

Faced with an "emotional pot-of-gold" at the end of this journey, your life is on hold and you gamble on it working until he can leave her.

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