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It’s about what I believe to be one of the most common mistakes people make in a relationship.

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I decided I would stay where I was and just watch from the beach. The biggest problem that a Codependent has is that they do not like losing control of a situation. And she knew something was the matter, LOL (I love women because of how good they are at reading us silly men. Because a Codependent is so easily thrown off and shaken from his core, other people can read us like a book.

This is quite funny because Codependents are also easily controlled. They can see that something is disturbing us, even if we aren’t willing to admit it or talk about it.

It’s why Codependents are very easily pushed over the edge and easy to anger. After my girl came out of the water in her cute black two piece (don’t tell my current girlfriend that I said that), she headed up the beach to her towel next to me. My ex being the type of girl that she was (which was an overly dramatic Borderline), she says to me: “Don’t lie Rick I know when somethings up.

You didn’t like me talking to those guys in the water, did you?

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