Dating a 26 year old guy

“I like older men because they are more mature, I just love the way they look - like I actually like grey hair and bald guys - I don’t know that is what I am attracted to.” The couple, who have been dating for seven months, met at the Chiller Theatre Expo in New Jersey; although they had already been in touch with one another on Facebook.

Sarah explained: “I actually sent him a friend request because a friend of mine was talking about him and she was just mentioning that he was a former child star, and I didn’t know who he was, so I just looked him up and I really liked his videos.” Mason accepted the friend request, spotting that they had some mutual friends.

A sugar baby, meanwhile, is normally an attractive younger woman who can't afford her luxury lifestyle.

we started seing each other a year ago as just friends nothing more then feelings started to develop and within a month later we were seeing each other.he begs me at times not to do what i did to him because it really hurt him, he was by my side after the abortion.weeks after this he said we wanted a baby and he wanted us to move in together.“When she first expressed interest in actually being in a relationship with me I think I was just shocked as anybody. ’” Although Sarah has previously worked as a sugar baby, she maintains that her arrangement with Mason, who is a former child actor, is strictly personal.“A lot of people have come out and been like, ‘really you are with that dude, like why? She said: “The idea of being a sugar baby is it can be like fun sometimes you know like getting paid 0 (£236) for dinners but ever since I started talking to Mason I just decided that I don’t want that anymore, I just feel like, I’m happy to be in a relationship with him.

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