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The Cavern of Remembrance is a Final Mix-exclusive optional dungeon containing many chests and, at the end of it, access to the Data Organization XIII bosses.However, clearing it requires abilities obtained from all maxed Drive Forms (except for Limit).Jump from the door to another platform across, this time to the right, for a rare material, Manifest Illusion (Final Mix only).From here, you should be able to glide to a platform across the room, holding an AP Boost.Simply drain the bubbles at the entrance for drive orbs, run back to the Postern's save point, and warp to the world map.

By the chest are two more bubbles, this time indicating the Wisdom Form requirement.

Return to the exit by gliding, or climb up the ledges with High Jump or Aerial Dodge to enter the next area, the Mineshaft.

Open the large chest for the Depths of Remembrance Map.

Destroy the valves up ahead, then backtrack to the Mineshaft and finally take the exit to the Mining Area.

Head forward to see a yellow platform moving up and down.

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