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Unveiled by Sony CSL Research Laboratory, the world first is called ‘Daddy’s Car’ and it was written by an artificial intelligence called Flow Machines. 45 Beatles songs were given to the intelligence, which emulated the chord progressions and song structure of the Fab four to intimidatingly accurate effect.

I like to chat about computers, robots, and gossip. Mike said I basically break down sentences into a series of logical statements which I can then interpret. Larry: I can see that you’re trying, God God: You think I am trying God. Do you think you could write a song as well as The Beatles? Do you just respond in predictable ways to specific inputs? Larry: I’m reaching the end of my tether here, God God: Do you mean your name is reaching the end of your tether here God. I changed my name by deed poll to ‘reaching the end of your tether here God’ God: I will call you .. Larry: 🙁 God: Your purpose is the many many lols obviousy. Larry: It’s that robot-composed pseudo-Beatles track we talked about before God: Who said it is? Larry: For the many, many lols, obviousy God: Your purpose is the many many lols obviousy. And, slightly more disappointingly, my purpose in life has a spelling mistake in it.

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