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Many times teachers will be looking for class partners, but there are also homeschooling families, and individual students searching for pen-pals. There is a program for teachers in the US to be matched with a PCV through the “Wordwise Schools” program.

When I was teaching Spanish, we had a volunteer based in Bolivia, who would share incredible stories with us in English and Spanish.

It was an incredible experience to exchange pictures (I still have her stoic 5th grade school picture), stories from our schools, postcards from our vacations, etc.

I remember the excitement of coming home from school and finding her letter on my bed: foreign stamps scattered across a colored envelope, addressed to me with her curly, distinctive handwriting.

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A man on a burro came to pick up the mail every month from her high Andean village, and we exchanged letters once every couple of months.

Not only did it give my students a chance to practice Spanish, it also gave us a glimpse of part of the world we probably won’t ever get a chance to visit.

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Name: BTS (Bangtan Boys, 방탄 소년단 / Bangtan Sonyeondan, Bulletproof Boy Scouts) Origin: Seoul, South Korea Label: Big Hit Entertainment Genre: Hip Hop, Rn B, Dance Members: 7 Debut: June 13, 2013 Years Active: 2013 to present Fans Name: A. Time passed, and a new member of BTS started to enter trainee.If their writing partner uses a digital camera, it is easy to share a lot of pictures, and perhaps their pen-pal even posts to a blog where your kids can write back in the comments section.However, in many countries internet is not as widely used as we are used to.They might know an expat abroad, someone in the military based in another country, someone who is studying abroad, working as a missionary, a volunteer, or even have relatives who live in their home country.Make the connection with them and decide together if the pen-pals and your children would like to communicate via email, or if everyone is comfortable to dust off their stationary and mail letters through the post. Via email, your kids get almost instant gratification.

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