Consolidating iphoto libraries

Note that unlike when using Find Duplicates, you do not specify an actions e.Find duplicate photos It's easy to have multiple copies of the same photo creep into your photo collection over time.Over time Apple realized too many people were mucking around, so they came up with a solution to the problem.You can either use the "Duplicate Library" command before setting up your merge, or just say "yes" when i PLM asks you whether you want to back up your library before merging. View detailed photo information using List View, and search for photos across all your libraries at once.

The organization of these files is confusing at best.Uploading image libraries to the i Cloud Photo Library can take a long time, even weeks, depending on the size of the libraries.An estimate of the number of images and the amount of space they will need will be displayed.My wife has asked me to consolidate both libraries into a single library for convenience. Can it be done with the existing software and utilities that come with Snow Leopard or is there a 3rd party utility that facilitates the process? The library you started with in step 2 above includes content from all the merged libraries.The other libraries are still present (and useable) on your computer.

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