Compatibility test dating couples

"Liking your initial interaction and finding an agreeable personality makes ongoing dating an easy fit," says Winter. As you can see, there’s a ton you can learn from a single conversation with someone, and knowing how to spot these signs (and the red flags) will save you a ton of wasted energy on dating folks who weren’t the right fit from the very beginning.Check out the entire Gen Why series and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.It’s not just that you enjoy their personality, because there are tons of people who you really like but would never date.Are you thinking of that one friend you have who is a ton of fun, but could never get it? It’s not just about having that good vibe with someone; it's about, as Winter explains, having a personality the feels “just right.” Beyond liking their personality, they should be someone you think is “agreeable.” What that means varies from person to person, but you'll know the feeling when it happens.Very few things in life are as fun as when you really connect with someone about the things you are excited about.

For one thing, do you find the conversation flows naturally, or are you having to force it?

Basically, it was the perfect to date to take me on; the dude just got me.

While the date stands out most in my memory, I really could have answered "Are we compatible? Right away, he was getting my jokes, throwing back all kinds of obscure horror movie references (I am a horror movie junkie), and generally vibing with me in a way that I knew we would just click.

Something in their vibe, demeanor, and attitude allows you to take a breath and present the best version of yourself,” says relationship expert Susan Winter.

“Feeling relaxed in your first conversation means a natural flow exists between you and your date. It’s pretty common for the first time you speak to someone to be over some kind of text message.

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