Clyde dating

In "Two Boys and a Baby", Lincoln's whole life flashes before Clyde's eyes, showing that Clyde knows his best friend so well that he has practically lived the same life.In "The Waiting Game", Lincoln and Clyde dance the tango together three times. In "Intern for the Worse", they compete against each other for an unlimited free Flippee cup until they realized Flip was using them. ", the duo scoped out Huntington Manor to gain full-size candy bars for Halloween and conspire to pose as two boys that strike a very strong resemblance to them both to get in.He is the only boy in Royal Woods that tolerates Lincoln's sisters' antics.Because Clyde is an only child, he feels a little alone.They tuck him in every night, are very attentive towards him, and always help him with school projects.As seen in "Roughin' It", they will not let Clyde out of their supervision unless he is at school or with Lincoln.

In the end, Lincoln tells Clyde that he will never replace him and that they are friends forever.

Lincoln and Clyde set out to make things right by getting the candy back from them.

But they were caught before they could get away and are thrown into a dumpster after actually being turned into human pretzels.

They then realize that they can get back at the bullies with blood because of how nauseous they got during their first encounter.

They lure them both into Lucy's corn maze, where they are terrorized and get a bucket of blood dumped on them.

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