Chubby chaser chat room

They are there for me when I'm feeling down and I'll be there for them when they are.

As much as I like the other rooms, my favourite would be The Pit - where I've enjoyed honest, odd, and downright hilarious conversations.

We aim to cater to every person's interests under the sun, but try to avoid letting certains topics take over the main chatroom.

At Stepping Stones, the safety of our members is paramount.

It's a little tedious but this prevents scammers and trolls from abusing our site or contacting our members.

We're there every night, come discover it.............

If that's the case, consider joining a chubby chaser community to find like minded people.

We help our members find and make new friends and companions through peer-support and shared experiences.

We're a growing online family that help our members connect with each other. Even our site founders are regular users of the chat themselves.

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