Catholic dating a non believer

The Church recognizes that non-Christians marry too—it’s just that the marriage of non-Christians isn’t a sacrament.When two Jews, for example, marry in a Jewish wedding ceremony, the Catholic Church accepts that they are, of course, really getting married!

The Church’s abstract theological understanding of the sacraments comes face-to-face with practical reality in this very common situation, and there’s no denying that Catholic theology’s resolution of the problem leaves many theologians (and canonists too) less than satisfied.If they are sincerely doing what their own faith tells them they need to do, then they can hardly be faulted in any way by the Church.Obviously, the Catholic Church wishes that ultimately all people would embrace the Catholic faith and be united together—as Christ Himself prayed “that they may all be one” (John ).Let’s take a look at what the Church teaches, proceeding logically step-by-step, and then we’ll see what conclusions can be drawn from it.For starters, it’s absolutely true that you can’t receive any of the other sacraments unless you’ve been baptized first.

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