If a dude wants to slip it in without slipping it on, that’s a bad sign.Her excuses are inconsistent with the facts, like citing traffic problems on a Sunday morning.Now, I understand much more the masculine vision on relationships and couple crisis in general: they are inevitable and necessary." "I’ve been on Gleeden for quite a while now and I’ve never been disappointed.Okay, I’m a cheater, I’m kinda naughty, I cheat on my wife, but I’m having a blast and I’m happy!!“People want the problem to go away as quickly as possible, and they don’t want anyone to know.” Certainly the number of people affected goes well beyond the number of addicts.

He goes from one relationship to the next, often with a history of cheating.

If she attributes feelings of guilt and shame to, say, her Catholic upbringing, the watchwords are guilt and shame.

If he won’t, you can bet it’s not a first, and this could be just the tip of his thrill seeking when it comes to sex.

They’d been married about five years when she found out she was pregnant.

“I knew I hadn’t been having sex with anyone else,” she recalls.

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