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Help Wanted Male 4 KRISTIAN an IV I’ •cr ADDITIONAL WANT ADS Wanted LEAF RAKING and ail tyjie* of hauling.

Oklahoma linebacker, were first round draft choices by the National Football League and tile leading draftees from the Midlands.

copt ions a breakaway threat on runbacks ami called on frequently for pawn the 10-vnnd line.

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(\p _ Alvin Dark promises to provide Kansas City with an exciting new look in 1966 when he attempts to guide tile Athletics out of tile American League cellar. operating in file American I league for the first time after a star-studded career as a player .n*l manager in tie National League, says Kansas City will "nm ami nm and nm." is iii-' Redskins overtook Dal-| J lark sacs iv* considers the ins.

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