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Niyar Saikia plays Lakshmi, an innocent girl who lives in Nepal with her family.

But no film should get a pass simply because its intentions are noble.

“This one’s 800 times better,” director James De Monaco told Screen Crush, while admitting he understood moviegoers’ frustrations with the claustrophobic first film.

It stars Frank Grillo (“Captain America: the Winter Soldier”), and most of the action takes place on the streets of L. De Monaco also wrote and produced, along with Jason Blum, Sebastien Lemercier and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, who all also produced the original.

Tonal shifts undermine the sense of urgency, as does a subplot involving an American photographer (Gillian Anderson) and aid worker (David Arquette) who ultimately help with Lakshmi’s rescue.

While their star power may attract a wider audience, the recognizable Hollywood actors — playing Western saviors — are given about as much screen time as the film’s true subject. The best films create a sense of empathy, inviting us into the minds of their characters.

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