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This request mimics that performed through the Nest web app.

None of these items use official REST APIs (unfortunately, those don’t expose the video stream), therefore can break at any time.

Request(self.nest_session_url) request.add_header('Content-Type','application/json') response =,json.dumps(payload)) session_data = session_json = json.loads(session_data) self.nest_access_token = session_json['access_token'] self.nest_access_token_expiration = session_json['expires_in'] self.nest_user_id = session_json['userid'] print 'INFO: [PARSED] Captured authentication token:' print self.nest_access_token print 'INFO: [PARSED] Captured expiration date for token:' print self.nest_access_token_expiration cookie_data = dict((, cookie.value) for cookie in self.cookie_jar) for cookie in cookie_data: print cookie print 'INFO: [COOKIE] Captured authentication token:' print cookie_data["cztoken"] print 'INFO: Session initialization complete!

' The payload here is the JSON-ified representation of the Nest username and password.

if clear_images: for buffer_entry in camera_buffer[camera]: os.remove(camera_image_folder '/' buffer_entry '.jpg') else: print 'WARNING: No ffmpeg detected.

Make sure the binary is in /tools.' file in the folder, generated after fixed intervals - and by that, I mean having a fixed number of buffered images that can be combined in a video.

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