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In sex-positivity, we can all nurture and learn from each other.Arielle Loren is a writer and filmmaker that offers real-life commentary on women’s issues, sexuality, health, and travel.Excitement awaits as these felines bring out their bag of tricks...send them your vibes and watch as they hiss with bliss.

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Rather, it is a framework for expanding consciousness, promoting tolerance, and rebuilding human respect.Sex-positivity recognizes that sex and sexuality are intricate and complex human experiences.Thus, it encourages us to always challenge our beliefs, think in tolerance, and respect each individual’s path.Here are a few key things to understand about this way of thinking: Sex-positivity is advocacy for Black women, and all other human beings, to experience freedom in sexuality, ignore pop culture pigeonholes, and encourage others to grow in the same capacity. While we certainly have our prejudices, battles with religious dogma, deeply rooted cultural ideologies, and history of pain, we respond to sex-positive leadership that shares and understands our many identities, accommodate our concerns, and transforms our shortfalls into compassion and respect for people of different lifestyles.It reaffirms the following: Black women are not hypersexual, despite the presence of this stereotype in mainstream media and Eurocentric history. Black women are capable of transforming Black communities, and assisting the rest of humanity in growing toward respect for sexual autonomy and freedom.

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