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If you are new to Whats App you may need some time to adjust to some of the quirks of the application.

I had two issues with the app after I started to use it to communicate with friends and some business partners.

There is a manual option that you can use to prevent that the last seen today time is updated.

Whats App updates the last seen time when you open the application.

A function that I really hope Insightly has is a way to sort contacts/organization by "last contacted".

Whether through email, phone, any method possible, it is super helpful if I know when was the last time I've contacted this customer/organization, so I can do a query for contact/organizations that I have not contacted for the last 2 weeks, and to be able to go through them to make sure I touch base with my prospects regularly. Presently, I need to create a custom field and remember to enter the last contacted date into the field so I can do search function later.

It will be best if I don't have to rely on manual entry.

Exit the application afterwards and enable your device's Internet connection again if you need it.

Since it was displayed for each contact, It was fair to assume that my contacts would see when I was last online as well.

This could lead to all kinds of issues, like being asked why you did not reply immediately as you have been online at that time, or other privacy related matters.

Each document you create in Word contains information about the document or Properties, such as the date the file was created, the author of the document, and the number of pages and words in the document.

When you save the document, some of these properties are updates, such as the date on which the document was last saved, or modified.

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