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By upgrading their manufacturing processes and investing in expensive technology, they hoped to reach the standards set by the Act. Until 2000s, the motorcycles were more popular in Indian two-wheeler market.

It was also found that Japanese manufacturers like Honda or Toyota were closer to the proposed standards as compared to the 'Detroit 3' and European car manufacturers. But the launch of gearless scooter 'Honda Activa' – a four-stroke scooter by Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt Ltd (HMSI) in 2001, changed the demand dynamics of Indian scooter segment.

Nikon's own products were widely being sold in the grey market at much lower prices. This cast doubts on the competitiveness of the Indian animation industry.

Whether Nikon would be able to successfully fight grey market issue in India was yet to be seen. This case study examines the various hurdles that Indian animation companies need to cross, not only to appeal to the local market but also to become globally competitive.

Pedagogical Objectives • Dynamics of compact camera market in India • Market entry strategies of Nikon in India • Strategic implications of grey markets • Nikon's strategies to fight grey markets. Keywords Nikon Corporation; Compact Camera Market in India; Grey Market; Compact Camera; Single Reflex Camera (SLR); Canon India; Kodak India; Nikon's Coolpix; Industry Analysis Case Study; Grey Market; Digital Cameras; Product cannibalisation; Brand Image; Brand Building Indian Hotel Industry (A): The Competitive Dynamics Fuelled by the country's booming economy, low-cost air carrier introduction and liberalisation of FDI norms that allow 100% foreign investment in real estate, the Indian hotel industry is currently seeing a boom.

8th International Conference An Enterprise Odyssey: Saving The Sinking ...

The case facilitates discussion on whether Suzuki would be able to succeed in capturing these buyers mind space. To establish itself in the Indian market, Nikon had to compete with these established players.

Pedagogical Objectives • To examine the growth drivers and demand factors of Indian two-wheeler market • To understand the importance of continuous innovation in two-wheeler market • To study the impact of consumer behaviour in Indian two-wheeler industry • To discuss whether the strategies adopted by Suzuki would help it succeed in shifting the consumer priorities from motorcycles to gearless scooters in India. Apart from this, the presence of grey market was a serious concern for Nikon. Compact Camera Market INA0073A 2008 Available Available S T R A T E G Y – III outsourced projects and co-production deals, the animation content in the form of movies and television content did not seem to entice the Indian audience.

Although oriental fashion is pulling huge crowds to its fashion weeks, the Asian fashion industry, despite talented designers and lean manufacturing processes, is failing to build a brand image in the high-end luxury segment.

Factors like low brand value, lack of technical know-how, infrastructure and distribution networks have been hampering their growth opportunities globally.

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