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“On a first date, it's important to get to know more about what makes someone who they are, while also gaining an understanding of comfort with each other, and if the conversation flows easy,” says Alex Williamson, chief brand officer for uber-popular dating app Bumble.“[...] The more you can figure out what makes another person tick, and if you enjoy each other's perspectives and banter on a first date, the better.” Now, to be clear, this doesn’t mean you need to play detective and deep-dive into your date’s life.“You can always talk about the menu, start a conversation about pop culture, or have a few conversation starters mentally stored away for these moments [see tip No.1].As far as I know, this is the first article of this kind with a step-by-step guide and not just some random questions thrown in your face leaving you clueless where to start and where to finish.“A high level of eye contact is a clear sign of a strong connection,” says Tufvesson.“[...] This is a first date which means it’s a first impression — be yourself but put some extra effort in showing that you care.” Also, eye contact helps demonstrate engagement in the conversation, which is always a good sign.One of the biggest points of stress in a first date is the dreaded awkward silence, the torturous lulls in conversation that feel like forever (when, in reality, typically last no more than a few seconds).

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In terms of that last point — which is arguably the most crucial component to a first date — is there a particular foolproof formula to creating consistent engaging and dynamic conversation that’s conducive to really getting to know a person (without delving in too deep or too soon)? That said, your end goal for the first date should always be to get the information you need to determine if you want a second date (and not necessarily a walk down the aisle).I am going to show you some first date questions implemented in a simple guide, so you can easily figure out what questions to use and when to use them.In short, if you want your first date to be perfect, you’ll love this guide.“Do not go down the rabbit hole with a long saga,” she says. Be vague and if your date hounds you for more, they will be very impressed with your judicious tact.” Another topic, that might be a difficult one to avoid in the current climate is politics.While it’s completely understandable and valid to inevitably want someone with a similar worldview as you, Nikki Lewis, co-founder of The Bevy advises to steer clear of checking this right off the bat.

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