At bamyan in afghanistan predating european oil painting

A Buddhist mural dated to around the seventh century A. is one of many in Afghanistan's Bamian Valley that were recently found to contain oil- and resin-based paints.

The use of the substances at such an early date is a surprise, since they require sophisticated knowledge of chemical properties, scientists say.

A mural from the Bamian cave Foladi 6 has been dated to the eighth century A. Its artists used an oil-based paint, scientists say, in an early example of mixing organic binding agents with pigments.Scientists from around the world have since embarked on a painstaking process to collect the remnants of the dynamited statues and reconstruct them.In the meantime, researchers have found that the paint used on the Buddhas, along with murals in 12 of 50 painted Bamian caves, contained oil-based binders—the world's oldest known examples of oil paintings.The team plans to conduct limited excavations and search for additional archaeological sites nearby.But for now they have kept the site's exact location secret to prevent disturbances to the fragile artwork.

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