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The first Chapman-Alexander worldwide campaign left Vancouver, British Columbia, on March 26, 1909, and returned November 26.

Stops along the way included: Melbourne, Sydney, Ipswitch, Brisbane, Adelaide, Ballarat, Bendigo, and Townsville in Australia; Manila in the Philippines; Hong Kong, Kowloon, Canton, Shanghai, Hankow, Peking and Tientsin in China; Seoul, Korea; Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, and Yokohama in Japan.

John Wilbur Chapman was born in Richmond, Indiana, on June 17, 1859. and Lorinda Chapman prepared him for a life of Christian ministry.

The young man felt he could never pinpoint a date for his conversion, but did make public his acknowledgement of Christ at age seventeen.

The following churches came under Chapman's care from 1882 until 1902: College Corner Presbyterian Church (Ohio) and Liberty Presbyterian Church (Indiana), 1882; Dutch Reformed Church (Schuylerville, NY), 1883-1885; First Reformed Church (Albany, NY), 1885-1890; Bethany Presbyterian (Philadelphia, PA), 1890-1892, 1896-1899; Fourth Presbyterian Church (New York City, NY), 1899-1902.

Chapman began his evangelistic work full time in 1893, preaching with D. Moody at the World's Fair and conducting many meetings on his own.

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Chapman led several churches prior to his full time evangelistic efforts.

After returning to the active pastorate for a short time, at the end of 1895, Chapman was appointed Corresponding Secretary of the Presbyterian General Assembly's Committee on Evangelism.

He directed the activities of fifty-one evangelists in 470 cities and also found time to write one of his numerous books, . Converse, a wealthy Presbyterian layman, offered to underwrite Chapman's expenses if he would return to full time evangelistic work.

Chapman continued his non-stop evangelistic efforts in both the United States and Europe in 1910, including a very successful Chicago meeting from October 16 to November 27.

However, Chapman's technique of mass evangelism lost much of its popularity.

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