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It is easy to get a celebrity crush not some of us are too scared...

All the flirting is starting to pay off and you’re having a great conversation.

Being a celebrity is a tough job, apart from dealing with the paparazzi every day you step out of the house, you also have to deal with scandals and stalkers. Do you think you could date a house without dinner, drinks and dancing first?

Over the years it has come to our notice that break up is not more scarce but rather popular cause it now happens often, to mend the broken heart which of the Dating App will you go choose, as a matter of fact their are over 1000...

Dating is an intimate stage of relationship between two people who meet socially to access each other compatibility as a life partner, the rules and regulations that guide and the terms use to qualify dating vary, considerable...

The simple but quick quiz below is designed to help see how much...

We all love to know that someone can’t go a day without telling us how much we mean to him or her.

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    They also offer a Tindr-like feature that allows users to rate other users and get notifications when other users rate a user they have already rated. Ashley Madison Ashley Madison is all about cheating but this does not make it less popular.

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    How many of you saw that one chick doing the 'humpty' a few times? We do things like that behind closed doors for our horny, significant other and NOT for a crowd of millions of other, clueless dorks, yea? The person whom I think stole the show, too, was IU's Kim Pil sook and her is he or isn't he relationship with Woo young's Jason.

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