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“Some of my friends said I shouldn’t have allowed her to start dating so early. But I trust my daughter, and at 15, she should know what is right from wrong,” Alimi said.The mother said she set ground rules for dating recently.He said, “I believe that the appropriate age to allow a teen go on a date should be 18.

“I don’t tolerate inappropriate behaviour; but I find hard to control my only daughter.“This is the dilemma of some parents, especially in this part of the world where traditional values frown against such practices for young teenagers.” Tochukwu said this is the more reason why parents should focus more on sex education to avoid the consequences of their children engaging in pre-marital sex.He said, “A lot of teenagers nowadays are influenced by peer pressure.However, an associate professor in Psychology, Uzondu Nwachinemere, said he does not support putting an age limit for dating because it would create room for misbehaviour.Instead, he advised that parents should spend more time in schooling their teenage children on the pros and cons of dating at an early age, especially when the teenager is not mature enough.

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