Am i shallow dating

As a girl, I would match with pretty much everyone I swiped right to or had interest in (because guys swipe right to everybody? If you're not comparable to society's standard of beauty you're treated like shit, and if you do meet that standard you're treated as a sexual objective. Pre-technology people would be forced to get to know someone before deciding if they wanted to date them.

) , but when the guys started talking to me they didn't care about who I was as a person eventhough I wrote down my interests and filled the description. TLDR: Online dating = Looking at faces and ignoring what's inside.

And while I agree with much of what you say, I want to point out that things aren’t much better on the other end of the gender spectrum.

I mostly use Bumble because I’ve found the conversations to be much more functional than on Tinder or other app where men message first and I get fewer dick pics that way.

It’s just that women like me are often caught up in the same trappings as you- not physically attractive enough to we’re put down low on the priority list OR guys assume I’m a “sure thing” because they assume I must be desperate because of my appearance and then they’re sorely disappointed to learn that I’m not a sure thing, cue the loss of interest. You, as a girl, are going to meet shit heads 90% of the time. I don't know what the solution is, other than that we all grow aware that we're dealing with a bizarre unnatural system.short answer: yes, if...

the depth comes in real quick & attractiveness means fuckall after, since weve established both parties are physicslly attracted to one while the shallow bit of online dating (online introductions) is shallow, it is only a very powerful past this threshold (arguably... I don’t really think much has changed, but rather the internet has created a format in which everyone is a potential match. Sure, it'd be great if you're both mega-athletes who bike 18-mile trails on the weekends, or cinephiles always going to the movies, but someone with way different interests can open you up to new experiences. See it as an opportunity: You can explore together. You're not competing with his exes — they're gone because he likes and not them. (If things get really serious, you can always throw away the cargo shorts when he isn't looking.) 13. People can be smart and wonderful and not have had the opportunity to explore other parts of the world. It says nothing about his tastes or how shallow he is or how he feels about you. Not all rich people are snotty and terrible, and plenty of people on the lower end of the income spectrum can make you happy. Furthermore, it felt like they just wanted to hookup and be done with it. Coming from a guys perspective, most of the girls are just looking for attention and not really for anything real either. Talk to a girl for a few days, get my hopes up, then have her cancel plans to meet up last minute.I always assume it’s because she decided to swipe a couple more times and found someone better.

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