Am i dating a cheater

If you do fall into a cheaters trap, my advice is to end the relationship immediately.If you have concerns and he hasn’t admitted he’s in a relationship, act on those concerns.Recently I have had lots of correspondence from guys who have accidentally got involved with men who are either married or partnered.This is a common issue, and it’s something I’ve encountered in my own dating past.

It’s not so easy to identify this by merely looking at the ring finger for that band of commitment (or the tan line where it’s been speedily removed).

Waking up to an empty bed is not a good foundation for a relationship, and it will leave you feeling like a booty call (which, let’s face it, you may well be).

When you suggest something spontaneous, he’ll be unavailable.

Does he answer his phone when you call, or does it always go to voice mail?

He won’t introduce you to any of his friends, work colleagues or family members.

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