Alex guarnaschelli and geoffrey zakarian dating

As a daughter of a businessman, this became the ‘playground’ of Margaret, and the exposure proved to be effective because years later Margaret Williams became a world-renowned businesswoman.Before that, she studied at New York University as a Business and Marketing major.Their passion for food and entrepreneurship became the bridge of their relationship, but the two also have a lot in common, as hiking and traveling are known to be their preferred “date” agenda!The attraction was evident from the start, Geoffrey Zakarian dated Margaret Williams for a few years, while because of their 20-year age gap, the public accused them of having a “fake” relationship, but age and opinionated people clearly didn’t worry them. The couple wanted a business that defines their relationship, not only as lovers but business partners.Through the intricate interior design and the cuisines made by Geoffrey, it caters to more than 100 customers every day.

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Margaret Anne Williams was born under the zodiac sign of Gemini, a symbol of strength and wealth, on 12th of June 1979, in Tampa, Florida USA, a child of Marie and Francis Williams.She followed her father’s footsteps and built an empire in the business industry, but Margaret is perhaps best known as the wife of chef and TV personality, Geoffrey Zakarian.Margaret Williams grew up in a charming and prestigious neighborhood in Tampa, Florida. Francis Williams is the chief executive of Kimmins Contracting Corporation, founded in 1923, a construction and demolition company that aims to create innovative projects.We were in the company of some foodies and Alex fans—although the lady sitting right next to me didn’t even know who she was! The line was out the door for the open book signing, in the hour preceding the Cooking Demo.No wonder Alex already looked a little wiped when she got to us, but still managed to be charming and very entertaining.

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