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The family of the Frampton sisters is composed of Meg, Dia, Jade, Rena, Nikki, Misty.Jade plays tennis for the University of Arkansas and she aspires to be a professional in the near future.Of course my parents, being the supportive and loving caretakers they are, showered me with much undeserved praise and encouraged me to keep writing.My sister and I heeded their advice and began writing and playing original songs together." – Meg Meg & Dia self-released their debut album, Our Home Is Gone, in 2005.Something Real is made up both new works and revamped versions of acoustic songs from Our Home is Gone.The songs "Indiana", "Masterpiece", and "Nineteen Stars" were rerecorded with a full band, while parts of "Timmy" were incorporated into the song "Roses".Only 1,000 copies were ever produced (all of which were distributed by the Frampton girls themselves).

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Their father was a DJ in South Korea, and the sisters often listened to his extensive record collection.

The songs "Nineteen Stars" and "Indiana" were included on the Frampton sisters' next album, Something Real.

"Timmy" was re-worked into song "Roses" for Something Real.

They toured extensively in support of it, sharing stages with such national acts as Limbeck, The Format, Melee, An Angle, Koufax, and Steel Train.

After a few acoustic shows playing the songs from their debut album, they decided they needed a bigger sound.

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