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It was Thursday afternoon on a cattle ranch in an obscure corner of Southeastern Oregon.

The ranch was at the end of a gravel road 20 miles from the nearest paved road, which isn't hard in Malheur County since there are damned few paved roads, and it is larger than a number of small eastern states. Some people also claim that it has more cows than people.

His great-grandfather had started the ranch in the 1870s, homesteading 160 acres that he and his descendants had grown to over a thousand acres on three different ranches scattered across Malheur and Harney counties, plus another 20,000 acres of Bureau of Land Management grazing allotments they controlled.

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She sat on the front porch swing, and watched Luke toiling to mend the fence on the far side of the hayfield as the storm approached.Her first reaction had been, "My god, Luke has brought me home to the middle of nowhere," which was more or less true, but her love for Luke had kept her there long enough to acquire a taste for the high desert of Eastern Oregon.Now she would be dragged kicking and screaming away from the remote ranch Luke had inherited from his family.There she kicked off her shoes and stripped off her workday clothes—jeans, cotton blouse, serviceable bra, and cotton panties.Looking out the bedroom window again to check on the approach of the storm, she stood naked in front of the window, something she never would have done where she had grown up in Virginia.

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