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Areas of important new research include: analyses of migratory movements based on satellite tracking ( Martell, M. Being comopolitan: Evolutionary history and phylogeography of a specialized raptor, the Osprey Pandion haliaetus. Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 5-443. Organochlorines and, reproductive success of birds in orchard and non-orchard areas of central British Columbia, Canada, 1990-1991. Mortality of adults may have contributed to the decline. Osprey studies provided key evidence in court to block continued use of persistent pesticides, and Osprey populations recovered rapidly thereafter. Fall migration routes, timing, and wintering sites of North American Ospreys as determined by satellite telemetry. Ospreys dive feet first to capture their prey, accessing only about the top meter of water, so they are restricted to foraging for surface-schooling fish and to those in shallow water—the latter generally are most abundant and available.

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"The use of artificial nest sites by an increasing population of Osprey in the Canadian Great Lakes basin." In Raptors in human landscapes., edited by D.

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