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In another scenario there was a case where I had an affiliate program turn off our links by accident (or so they claimed) without informing us and then they claimed it was just an innocent mistake.(They were not at first even willing to pay us on the thousands of dollars they earned from our traffic).The fact your reporting nearly nothing over the time frame you are; we simply do not believe is true. we also have a series of fun and informative blogs that discuss adult webcam sites and the key differences.This site we covering news in the adult cam space we pretty much write for free, making peanuts but enjoying it.It actually happens a lot in affiliate marketing, a lot more than we’d all like to know.

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According to xlovecash stats you can see with your own eyes below, it basically didn’t convert at all!? Here is an email screenshot showing the reply from when we first reported the concern.

Sending any traffic from unsolicited /spam Email will result in termination of your account and your funds earned will be forfeited.

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Comparisons of Live Webcam Affiliate Programs Informational and Comparison Table for Affiliate Marketing and Professional Webmasters. It contains the details on revenue sharing (rev share), payment per lead (ppl), and payment per sale (pps) for all the of the world’s top adult webcam affiliate programs.

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