18 year old dating 27 year old

He is one of the most genuinely lovely and thoughtful guys I've ever come across, for example the night my dad kicked me out he let me live with him until I sorted out a place of my own 2 weeks later.He's also someone I feel like I can be myself around, and I really feel like i'm starting to have strong feelings for him and he feels the same.You built up a real friendship first and took the time to get to know eachother.You are really comfortable around eachother and were friends with benefits as a 'practise run' rather than jumping straight into a serious relationship.Two of my friends even have similar age gaps in their relationships. If you're happy together and you're in the kind of relationship where you can talk all night to each other, stuff the friends who have 'had a few words' with you. My parents didn't care about the age gap, they have never said anything disapproving to me about it and I know they would say something if they disagreed.Don't worry what other people think, what matters is that you have things in common and that you make each other happy. None of my friends have been disapproving of the age gap either, all they can say is how good we are together.

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None of my friends have been disapproving of the age gap either, all they can say is how good we are together. You're both adults and as long as you get on well then that's all that matters.Time shall tell though, however I think the whole "taking care of an old age partner" isn't necessarily true as he's only 8 years older than me, but I definitely understand where you're coming from with regards to different directions in our lives within the next few years. If we're talking 20 years gap then it's a bit more of an issue Oh and I totally don't buy into the age / 2 7 "rule". I've never heard it anywhere in my life except for on TSR, which says a lot about its credibility to be honest.I don't see why a 27 year old would want to be in a relationship with 19 year old, girls his age are still good looking, now a guy in his mid 30s makes more sense, since women definitely look horrible at that age.Okay, I'm going to ask for straght up, honest, no bullsh*t answers on this.I met a guy last year and ever since have built up a friendship with him. Anyway, a couple of months later and we started to get more serious, have started spending all our time together that isn't otherwise sleeping or in work.

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