15 year old dating site

We have taken the decision not to name the sites in question to protect the young people from Lancashire who have already posted their details on there.

In three days there were 60 messages in the inbox...“How was school today?

A 30-year-old bisexual man was also unfazed by my age, telling me: “I find it fine you naughty little minx”, before describing in graphic detail what he would do to me.

Though some immediately said they weren’t interested, several others persisted, even after being told I was at school.In under an hour six men had already made contact, one sending a picture of himself in his underwear.After three days there were 60 messages in the inbox.And this wasn’t before I’d already potentially put myself in grave danger from the app, which tells how nearby its members are in a measure of metres.A reporter recognised one of the men who had posted his details on the app was sitting a few metres away on the train - a startling reminder of how easily someone could approach a child in person, should their picture happen to be on one of these sites.

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